Why I Started Aesthetic Treatments

Dr Mervyn Patterson with Danielle from Beautifill Secret Ballymena Botox

For those who are curious, the owner of Beautifill Secret, qualified and registered Nurse, Danielle, is taking to the blog to share why she started carrying out Aesthetic Treatments.

It was never my intention to start doing Aesthetic Treatments. My friend took up a “great offer” for discounted Botox, and ended up in a garden shed getting the treatment from a Beautician who clearly had little-to-no experience with a needle. There was no medical practitioner present, the environment was far from clinical, and the “great offer” started looking not-so-great after all.

To acquire Bolitumium Toxin A (also known as “Botox”), a consultation with a prescriber is essential – this is a prescription only medication! Therefore, the substance the Beautician planned to inject into my friend’s face was likely not Botox at all, and even if it was Botox, it would have been illegally obtained.

Unfortunately, this is not where the frightening experience ended. My friend went ahead with the treatment, and over the next few days she began to experience adverse symptoms, which thankfully were resolved over time. At this stage, I decided I wanted to learn more about people who claimed to be clinical practitioners who were offering these “Botox” treatments. Never knowing that one day, I would end up opening a professional business in this field.

As my knowledge in Aesthetics developed, my passion grew. I became aware of so many issues that were impacting public safety, as there are currently so few regulatory authorities governing Aesthetics. I felt a need to develop my knowledge and skills so that I could deliver this treatment to clients, with safety at the forefront.

Since entering the world of Aesthetics, I have become a member of the BACN, and I undertake regular training updates. I have also trained, and continue to work closely, with Dr Mervyn Patterson, who was named in “Hello” magazine as one of the top Aesthetics Practitioners in the UK.

I absolutely believe that everyone is entitled to look and feel their best self, but I am passionate that they achieve this without risk to their safety or health.

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