Why You Must Get Botox From A Qualified Practitioner

Bad Botox

Anti-ageing injections, anti-wrinkle treatments, or “Botox” as it is more commonly referred to is a treatment that involves injecting Bolitumium Toxin A into the skin. This substance is only available with a prescription, and should only be administered by properly trained and experienced individuals.

As Botox became more popular, people who were not qualified or trained in the procedure began to offer the treatment at discounted rates. The problem with this? Too often, it goes horribly wrong.

Shocking images have been released of three women’s faces, which were left so swollen after a ‘bogus’ cosmetic practitioner allegedly carried out “fake” Botox treatments on them, that they were left unable to see.

The three women, aged 62, 46, and 57 suffered an extreme reaction that caused long-lasting damage.

Botox Gone Wrong

One of the victim’s – a Mrs King, had to go to A&E after suffering from anaphylactic shock, while another named Mrs Sheppard was unable to eat or speak properly for six months. She claimed she was left ‘looking 50 years older’, and added that the treatment felt like she was ‘burned with a cigarette’. She claims she was told ‘no pain, no gain’, when she complained to about the pain to the bogus practitioner.

Bad Botox

All three women are unrecognisable in the horrific photographs, which show their faces red and puffed up.

Cheap Botox

The bogus practitioner is in court on trial for inflicting grievous bodily harm on them, and for fraud for allegedly claiming he was a medically trained doctor, when the General Medical Council had no record of him.

He is said to have left the three middle-aged women in severe pain after treating them with large needles and using fake and dangerous Botox solution.

The jury were shown pictures of the women’s disfigured faces taken in the hours after they had Botox injections along their forehead and brow as each described their ordeal.

This is an example of what can happen when you go to someone for what seems to be a Botox deal that’s too good to be true, or when you go to someone and they can’t prove that they are a licensed medical practitioner. You have no idea what they could be pumping into your skin, and their methods are not likely to be clinical.

It’s just not worth it. Make sure your aesthetics practitioner is properly trained and qualified. You might pay a little bit more for your treatment, but it won’t leave you looking like this!

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